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We hope you’ve been following our new video series “To Market, We Go” in collaboration with kitchen experts next125. United by our passion for making every cooking experience a unique one, we’re visiting Europe’s very best markets to show you how to find, cook, and enjoy the very best produce back in your own kitchen.

As you know, travel in 2020 was extremely limited, so we stayed put in Berlin (our adopted home) and want to encourage you to #supportyourlocalbusinesses. Join us on this very special journey through the best weekly market in the heart of Germany’s beating capital: Markthalle Neun!

Where are we right now?

Located in one of the most popular neighborhoods of the iconic Kreuzberg district, not far from Görlitzer Park and Oberbaum Bridge, sits the infamous Markthalle Neun—the third stop on our journey to explore Europe’s very best food markets.

Unmistakably Berlin in its appearance, nestled between convenience stores and snack bars, this market is one of the most famous food attractions of the city. In recent years, it’s gained more traction with its weekly hosted events, like the colorful Street Food Thursdays or the Breakfast Market on Sundays. Many Berliners, not only neighborhood locals, come here regularly to discover the latest food trends and gorge on any special cravings. In fact, our first office was located just a few blocks aways from the market hall, and for several years, it was the go-to lunch spot for many members of our team. Even the city’s best chefs come to Markthalle Neun to buy regional and seasonal produce for their kitchens—admittedly, I'm guilty of that too.

Markthalle Neun is loud, cheeky, often political, always cosmopolitan, and fiercely honest—just like Berlin. And much like the city it resides in, Markthalle Neun has always remained true to itself over the years.

What can you expect to see in this episode?

On our visit, it was impossible to dismiss how the hallmarks of Berlin permeate the four walls of the market. Markthalle Neun dedicates itself to the equal and respectful treatment of all people, animals, and the environment—with a spotlight on regional and seasonal foods. Alongside local artisans, you’ll find a wide variety of food vendors—a reflection of the diverse food culture in Berlin. There is always something new to discover and indulge in, and yet, there’s an essential quality that has been with the market since its inception: It’s a meeting place that’s open to everyone.

As you’ll see in the video, Markthalle Neun is home to a dazzling roster of food makers, producers, and vendors. Each food stall displays an assortment of artisanal products that highlight the artistry of producing food. It’s easy to feel the passion and love the vendors have for their products here. If you find yourself at Markthalle Neun, be sure to taste your way through the various cheeses from Käserei Alte Milch (don't skip the cream cheese!), stop by the regional vegetable counter of Beet & Baum, sniff your way through the fresh herb selection of Werner, and clean your palate with a glass of wine at the counter of Monsieur Collard. Every high-quality product sold here speaks volumes about this food market and everything it stands for.

Watch Episode III of To Market, We Go: Berlin’s Markthalle Neun

Watch Episode III of To Market, We Go: Berlin’s Markthalle Neun

Watch Episode III of To Market, We Go: Berlin's Markthalle Neun

To Market, We Go: Explore the Highlights of Markthalle Neun with us!

  • 12:20 min.

The rich history of this iconic market

Just like Berlin, the history of Markthalle Neun is just as rich and interesting as its reputation. The market opened its doors for the first time during the potato revolution in the 19th century and was later severely damaged during World War II, forcing it to shut down and remain closed, while renovations took place. When it was finally restored, the space was sold and reopened as the market we know today.

Whether you’re standing outside the market or sitting at a table inside, the vibrant beat of city life can be felt all around. Cafe Neun, which sits at the entrance to the market, sees hundreds of people streaming in and out every day. Markthalle Neun is now not only a meeting place, but also a source of inspiration for countless Berliners, who visit the market for creative cooking ideas, as well as meeting the new generation of young vendors and the liberal and relaxed atmosphere.

Meet Lea: Our guide to Markthalle Neun

Lea has been working for Markthalle Neun for more than three years and is the perfect guide for our tour. She not only knows every stall and the products, but also the people and stories behind the counters, giving us a closer look at the people who bring the market to life.

Walking around with Lea, we were invited to try different ingredients and listened to stories about the latest harvests. It’s evident that Markthalle Neun, with its myriad stories and open atmosphere, is more like a big family than an interesting place to work and shop. Some stalls are loud and direct, true to the Berlin “Schnauze”, while others share their special twists and takes on old classics (I still can’t get over how delicious the sourdough cake made by Domberger Brotwerk is!)

There's more to come from our day at Markthalle Neun with next125. Stay tuned for our visit to Leonie’s organic wine press in the gorgeous Märkische Schweiz. Plus, a dessert recipe inspired by the ingredients we found at the market, which we’ll prep together with our guide Lea.

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